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How to Roast and Clean Poblano Peppers


Poblano peppers are typically used in Mexican dishes and are roasted to bring out their full flavor. These peppers are low carb and healthy. How to roast and clean poblano peppers on the stovetop and broiler.

Poblano peppers roasted

Poblano peppers have tough skins and are very hard to digest. Roasting these peppers is the best way to cook them bringing out the natural and spicy flavors. Roasting the peppers result in a fresh, flavorful poblano pepper. Try our Chile Relleno Breakfast Casserole with these methods of roasting the poblano peppers. You will not be disappointed!!!

I always roast fresh poblano peppers when I make any recipe that calls for peppers. I prefer the fresh peppers over the canned green chile peppers. But sometimes when there isn’t a lot of time to prepare a meal, canned peppers work too.

Poblano peppers from the garden

This year we planted Poblano Peppers in our garden. One plant produced so many peppers! I made fresh Chili Rellenos, which is one of my favorite Mexican dishes. Boris kept bringing in handfuls of poblano peppers from the garden, so I had to come up with another recipe. Our Chile Relleno Breakfast Casserole is so delicious and is the perfect make-ahead casserole dish for a week’s worth of keto breakfast meals. This Mexican dish is keto-friendly and makes planning out meals easy.

How to Roast and Clean Poblano Peppers

There are several ways to remove the tough skin from the poblano pepper. I will go through 2 methods of removing the skin and preparing the peppers. Using a gas stove to roast the poblano peppers over an open flame is my favorite method. But if you don’t have a gas stove then see below the oven-roasted method.

Roasting on the stovetop

Place the peppers directly on the grate with a gas burner with the flame high enough to surround the pepper. Make sure to be careful when using an open flame when roasting the peppers. I turn on my stovetop fan to eliminate some of the heat from the burner.

roasted pepper

Keep the peppers on the flame until charred, turning with tongs char all sides. This helps to remove the skin and gives a nice flavor to the peppers. As each pepper is charred, place the peppers in a recycled paper bag and seal it. Allow the peppers to steam in the paper bag for about 10 minutes. It’s important not to over steam the peppers. There should still be a slight firmness to the pepper. Remove the peppers from the paper bag and set aside.

peppers steaming in paper bag

Cleaning the poblano peppers

Place the charred peppers under cold running water to remove the skins. The cold water stops the cooking process and makes it easier to peel the skin from the pepper. I use my fingers to rub off the skins while under the water. You may not get all of the skin off, but try to get most of the skin off. Once all of the skin is off, it’s time to clean the inside of the peppers.

Cleaning poblano pepper

Take the peppers and make a slit in the side to remove the seeds and veins. I use a small knife to scrape the veins and seeds out. Keep the stem attached if you are going to make Chile Rellenos, otherwise, for our Chile Relleno Breakfast Casserole, you can remove the stem.

Broiling in the oven

Place the poblano peppers on a baking sheet. Place in the oven under the broiler and roast the peppers until charred. Turn the peppers over with tongs and char the other side. Make sure to turn the peppers until all sides are charred. This should take about 6-8 minutes. Once all the peppers are charred place in a recycled paper bag to steam. Follow Cleaning the Poblano Peppers instructions above.

Poblano peppers cleaned

There are so many uses for roasted poblano peppers. Try out the Chile Relleno Breakfast Casserole recipe. It’s easy to make and flavorful!

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