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Our Keto Journey

Hello! We are Boris and Doreen – husband and wife, and parents to 2 amazing kids.

Like so many couples, we were both fit and at our ideal weight when we met 20 years ago. I played in a basketball league and Boris played rugby for a local club, which kept us active and healthy. Getting married and having kids changed our priorities and made it harder to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. As a result, we stopped focusing on ourselves and gained weight and stopped exercising. I am sure a lot of you can relate!

As our kids got older we made a conscious effort to eat healthier and to lose our “married” fat. We tried so many diets, but nothing really produced sustained results ending in gaining more weight!

I have to admit, I gained weight, but I always kept it in control, until I reached my late 40’s. I would look at food and gain weight! My clothes didn’t fit, I had no motivation to exercise, because I felt tired and big and all I wanted to do is eat! I didn’t know how to lose weight?

Life-changing results!

All of that changed the Spring of 2018! Our friends, whom we have not seen for a while, came to visit us for the long weekend. After catching up, the conversation turned to food, fitness, and dieting. They told us all about Keto, which they have been eating for several years with great results. We agreed to try it, so they sent us information, recipes and helped us calculate our macros. In our minds, we thought, yeah another diet, here we go again. But what did we have to lose?

We started this Keto journey the day after Memorial Day 2018. We committed to doing a 6-week Keto challenge and it was life-changing!

Boris has lost over 47 lbs., two pant sizes down, and I lost 25 lbs, I can finally fit into my pants again within 12 weeks of eating strict Keto. We couldn’t believe the fat just melting off once we were in ketosis. It took a lot of hard work, discipline, encouragement, planning and preparing our meals and staying focused, but it was all worth it. When we see those types of results, at the age of 50, fat melting off, more energy, motivated to exercise, a good night’s sleep, having to buy new “smaller” clothes and happier, we know that this Keto lifestyle is sustainable and works for us.

Why we started this blog

We started this blog because there are a lot of people struggling to lose weight and who would like to live a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to share our keto lifestyle experiences and what we have learned through the process. We have been able to maintain our weight and improve our health through the ketogenic diet.

We create easy and quick recipes that are delicious and that anyone can make. Mostly, single-serving dishes, low-carb, keto-friendly to name a few. We hope that you come along with us on our Keto journey!